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The term wiki has its origins in Hawaiian, meaning quickly. And that's just what a wiki allows you to do! You can quickly post information, edit a document, collaborate with others, and share information.

Wikis in Plain English

Video from the folks at Common Craft (3:52)

Wikis in the Classroom:


Schools in the Past --This wiki is a collection of interviews of grandparents to learn about school in the past.

The Second Grade Space -This is a wikispace dedicated to collaborating and learning within the same school, all 2nd graders. Check out the Kid Created Penguin!


Go West -A 3rd grade westward expansion wiki, taking students on the Oregon Trail


My Side of the Mountain -a novel unit experience through a class wiki

WritePostRead Wiki, Grade 6, PJA--A wikispace used for 6th grade Humanities and Jewish Studies students from 2010-2011

Code Blue -6th grade students learn all about their bodies...

Middle School

Virtual Periodic Table -This periodic table models collaborative learning at its best. No wonder it was nominated as a "best wiki."

Discovery Utopia Project -This wiki of middle school students are engaged in a project to answer all the "great questions" in society, like "what is the role of government," and "how do we create a perfect world?"

MathCasts--How Tos
These Voicethread projects showcase "how tos" from middle school students who have mastered different math concepts. Students from The Crefeld School in Philadelphia, PA posted this project-based learning assignment.

The Pineapple -This is Noah Mendel's 6th grade tech class online newspaper.

Wiki Resources:

Wikispaces Wikispaces is very supportive of us educators. They give away free wikispaces to all teachers. This is the link to get your advertising-free wiki from wikispaces. Who's game for their own class wiki, right now?
MediaWiki Free wiki software that follows the same format as Wikipedia . You need to be more tech-savvy to go this route.
Article: 10 Best Practices for Using Wikis in Education
Everything Wiki A great resource to learn about tools, tricks, an resources related to building your wiki
Best Educational Wikis of 2010 From Wikispaces Take a look at these award-winners


Use this tutorial to learn how to edit your own wikispace, add pages, link documents and pages, embed video, and more!