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This is our sandbox, a listing of teacher pages where we are experimenting with different digital tools.

List your sandbox page and link it. To add a link within a wiki, use double brackets around the title. For instance, if your page is called JOE. Then in the EDIT view of the wiki page, type with JOE inside the brackets. When you hit SAVE, the word JOE will by hyperlinked to your page within the wiki.

Try This!

-Use Headings and different text colors
-Create a table of contents: Type in double brackets with the letters toc inside. The page will pull any titles in HEADING format into the table of contents. To create HEADING formats on a title, click on the text drop-down list where it says NORMAL.
-Add an image from FLICKR, creative commons of course! Be sure to link to the original photo and the artist's photo stream
-Embed media, either a video from YOUTUBE, FLICKR Speller, a sound clip, or slideshow
-link to something on the WWW
-Experiment with tables
-Embed your own podcast

Our Sandbox Pages

Coming Soon! Just as soon as you post yours here!
Sarah's Castle