PJA Wikis and Blogs

Here is a quicklist of current wikispaces and blogs at PJA:


PJA2Israel: Blog of 8th graders on their 2012 trip
Our 8th graders blogged from Israel for the first time this year. We sent the students to Israel with an iPad to keep a photo journal of their experiences and reflections.

Merrill’s Musings: Principal’s Blog
Our school principal started her own blog this school year to share school happenings, insights and reflections.

Techbabble, Chewing on Some Bytes: Sarah Blattner’s blog
This blog focuses on tech tools appropriate for the classroom, and Sarah also features teachers at PJA.

Celinda Llanez’s Kindergarten Blog
Celinda is a trailblazer at PJA, being one of the first teachers to embed video and sound files from her classroom. Her blog serves as a school to home link and as a place to showcase students’ accomplishments.

Chirps From Cricket’s Corner, 1st Grade Blog
This is 1st grade teacher, Debbie Paynter’s blog. Debbie focuses on sharing stories, videos and photos from the classroom as a school to home link.

Grade 2, Susan Ramirez’s Class Blog
Ms. Ramirez is a trailblazer, experimenting with a variety of tools that can be embedded in her blog space. She uses this space as a communication link between home and school, and she often showcases examples of student work.

Grade 2, Helene Cuomos' Class Blog
Helene's new blog!

Grade 3, Rand's Class:

Jim Juntunen's Grade 4 Class Blog
New to the web this year, Jim is using his blog as the hub for digital learning in grade 4. Stay tuned for student blogging in the future!

Harriet Wingard's Grade 5 Class Blog
Harriet is also launching her blog for the first time this year, experimenting with an authentic audience for her own classroom news, as well as for her students.

8th Grade Capstone Home Blog
8th graders keep reflective blogs about their Capstone experiences and research process. All the blogs are linked to the teachers’ main blog.


K8JTechLearn: Faculty wiki, created and led by Sarah Blattner
This is the first year this space is online. Sarah keeps an updated collection of educational resources and web-based tools, as well as an area for teachers to get help using the school web site tool, FinalSite.

Elana Cohn-Rozansky’s Grade 6 Wiki:
Elana uses the 6th grade wiki as a space where students can access daily happenings in class, homework assignments and publish their work. Elana experiments with a variety of digital tools for project-based learning, such as Pixton comic strips and Blabberize for “talking primates”, which can all be found in her Student Gallery.

PJA Middle School Tech Class
Students in grades 6 learn about digital citizenship and media literacy through this quarter-long course. This is a password protected, private space, which requires a login username and membership to the space.

Jewish Studies Teacher Wiki
This wikispace is led by Rabbi Chaiton. Teachers are using this space for curriculum mapping and sharing ideas.

8th Grade Capstone Wiki
8th graders participate in a Capstone project, where they engage in hands-on community service and write a research paper related to their work.

8th Grade Wiki, Humanities

Middle School Spanish
A wiki focusing on the unit Destinos--under construction!