Edublogs Resources to Help You Get Started

Where should you begin? At the beginning, of course! Pace yourself. Don't try to blog tomorrow or even next week with your students. Instead, start blogging yourself, get to know the tools and then start blogging with your students!

Edublogs Teacher Challenges:
Work through these teacher challenges BEFORE you try to blog with your students. The challenges are designed to help you get familiar with the dashboard, set up your blog and then set up your students. This is a wonderful place to begin.

User Guide:
Refer to this amazing user guide for everything you need to know how to do. The guide includes videos and screen captures for easy visual reference.

This is the main support page for Edublogs. They are wonderful. They cater to teachers and students’ needs.

Edublogs Newsletter/Blog—Tips and Tricks:
I encourage you to subscribe to this blog: . It offers all sorts of tips and updates on edublogs. They do an amazing job helping educators. In the right corner, enter your email address. It’s that easy!

Handouts and Guides:
Scroll down and look for “student handouts.” They have thought of everything, right down to a sample letter for parents and blogging guidelines, which helps you set the ground rules for students. (Please let Michael and I help you with training your students—it would be a lot of fun!)

Setting Up a Class Blog:
Follow the advice and technical directions here for success!

These are the directions to follow if you want to create blogs for your students without them having to sign up. It’s a nice feature and will save a lot of class time and confusion. You can also control how comments appear on your blog and students’ blogs from this interface. This takes some of the responsibility off the students and makes it a “safe” environment for everyone.

Adding Students to Your Blogroll:
This will give you directions on how to add students’ blogs to your blogroll, so that your blog and links to all the students’ blogs are on the “homepage” of your blog.

Student Challenges:
This is a blogging curriculum designed to teach students all about blogging and the blog interface through challenges; however, this is a great place for YOU to begin! Try the challenges and learn for yourself first--then try blogging with your students:)

Award Winning Blogs:
Here are a few sample award-winning class and student blogs that may inspire some ideas…