Sample 21st Century Learning Projects


Kindergarten Counting Book -A wiki that helps K students get to 100.

Primary Math -This blog has been set up to share blogs around the world, creating sharing and learning about math.

Schools in the Past --This wiki is a collection of interviews of grandparents to learn about school in the past.

Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog -1st graders blog, share their work, and even read aloud!

The Second Grade Space -This is a wikispace dedicated to collaborating and learning within the same school, all 2nd graders. Check out the Kid Created Penguin!

Duck Diaries -2nd graders blog about a duck who built her nest on a K-8 playground.


Go West -A 3rd grade westward expansion wiki, taking students on the Oregon Trail

Mrs. Yollis's Classroom blog -this 3rd grade class blogs all the time; they are the 1st Runner Up for Best Class Blog 2010, Edublogs. Look at "Poppa's New Pants" to see technology at its best!

Eagle's Nest Readio & Class Blog -This 3rd grade blog received a comment from author Grace Lin in the class book discussion of The Year of the Dog.


Mr. Monson's 5th Grade Class -This 5th grade class posts questions each month, soliciting answers from around the world.

My Side of the Mountain -a novel unit experience through a class wiki

WritePostRead Wiki, Grade 6, PJA--A wikispace used for 6th grade Humanities and Jewish Studies students

Middle School

Virtual Periodic Table
This periodic table models collaborative learning at its best. No wonder it was nominated as a "best wiki."

Discovery Utopia Project -This wiki of middle school students are engaged in a project to answer all the "great questions" in society, like "what is the role of government," and "how do we create a perfect world?"

Emily's Blog -Best Student Blog 2010, Edublog Winner

7th Grader's PLE: Personal Learning Environment
A 7th grader gives a screencast and personal tour of how she interfaces with technology as a learner. A student's PLE or personal learning environment refers to the multisensory and multidirectional world our learners move in today, accessing Web 2.0 tools, rich online sources, collaborating with others, interfacing with experts in the field, evaluating sources, synthesizing information, and posting unique content.

Billings Middle School --Best class blog of 2010, Edublog Winner

Freak the Mighty -This 7th grade wiki is a space for students to dialogue about their summer reading assignment, Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. The author joined the students in an online discussion about the book and writing in general.

Outdoor School -Mr. Minato posted a beautiful website and blog for this year's Outdoor School experience.

The Pineapple -This is Noah Mendel's 6th grade tech class online newspaper.